We’re proud of the reputation that Actually Acting has gained over the years - as an inclusive

and creative outlet for young actors to gain confidence and find their voice.

Actually Acting was created in 2007 with speech and drama classes at various schools, private lessons, both weekly and one off for audition preparation and a school holiday program at Seymour College between 2012-14.

Now we start our new branch, Actually Acting Youth Theatre, which will delve into productions with young actors across two age brackets, 10-14 and 14-18, to produce one-act plays which are rehearsed and performed in just seven days, following auditions and a read through. These intensive productions allow actors to be fully immersed in the work, and are supported by a highly skilled team of professionals.

Drama has been proven over the years to encourage creativity, give children a voice and activate their physical expression. But does it end there? Of course not! When children are given these opportunities they develop all sorts of life skills  including team work, discipline, respect for others and self, building confidence and making new friends.  In fact, the wellbeing component of drama for young people is now being heavily researched and the results speak volumes.


Actually Acting is an ideal place for students to develop skills, make friends and be heard!

Please see our Programs page for more information.