October 2022 PRODUCTION

The Elf on a Shelf Must Die by Don Zolidis (Juniors aged 10+)

When Sammy and Mook's parents present them with Pip, an Elf on 

a Shelf, they are less than happy. This little snitch is going to be

reporting all their activities to Santa, so their hopes to get an Xbox

look doomed. And that's before Sammy accidentally murders Pip.

What follows is a Tarantino-esque Christmas caper as the two kids

race against the clock to bring their elf back to life before Santa

finds out. If you would like to read the script please click here



Cheaters by Don Zolidis (Seniors aged 13+)

Someone cheated on the test. The assistant principal and their

teacher deems that if the cheater doesn't confess, the entire class

will fail. Now the students are forced to play detective and discover

the cheater before it's too late. With the pressure on, the class

fragments into warring factions with each student trying to figure

out the mystery. A Kafka-esque nightmare of betrayal and conflict

under extreme circumstances. More script info here

​Production Dates

Auditions - Sunday 21st August

The House @ Holden Street Theatres – 32 Holden Street, Hindmarsh​

Read through - Sunday 18th September 10am – 1pm (including headshots, costume fitting & welcome lunch)

Rehearsals - Tuesday 4th to Saturday 8th October 8.45am – 4pm; Sunday 9th October 10am to 2pm

Performances - Sunday 9th & Monday 10th October @ 2pm and 5pm

All rehearsals and performances are at Holden Street Theatres – 34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh

Why do we hold auditions?

All theatre companies hold auditions. At Actually Acting, our auditions are the first step of the learning journey, and an integral part of our learning process. As the rehearsal period is so short, we hold auditions to get to know our actors before it all starts. We also want to know if they are able to learn lines, be focussed and committed, and are able to take direction (both accepting changes and acting upon them).

We also want them to get to know us. This way, it isn't so daunting to come along to the read through when the whole cast meet for the first time. It may seem nerve-wracking, but we work closely with our students and support them every step of the way. This experience teaches young actors valuable life skills they will use again and again. Job interview anyone?

How do I register to audition?

First, read all the information below thoroughly and ensure you can commit to all the rehearsal/performance dates. Then download the Audition Form and Audition Pieces and book an Audition Time. You will be required to pay $5 per audition, which forms part of your production fee if you are cast. If you do not receive/accept a role, or cancel the audition with at least 2 hours notice, it will be refunded.

Who should audition?

Anyone aged 10-18 who is passionate about the theatre, interested in learning new skills, being challenged, making new friends and having lots of fun!

Do I need to have experience?

No! You do need to be inclusive, open minded and brave. During the rehearsal period you will be challenged - to learn lines, to develop a character, to increase your stagecraft skills, to assist with other students' learning and to stay focussed and respectful. It's an intense week - with no distractions - so we promise you leave with so many new skills, regardless of your prior experience.

How do I prepare?

You should choose ONE character to audition with from either play and learn those lines. You should also read all the other characters as we will ask you to sight read another during your audition. On the audition form which you will bring with you, please select any characters you would like to play/don't want to play and whether you prefer one of the plays to be involved in if you are aged 13 - you might have a choice!

What happens in the audition?

You walk in, smile and say hello. We will welcome you and have a quick chat to get to know you (or to catch up if you've worked with us before). We usually have an older student with us to read in opposite our auditionees.

Then you perform your prepared piece. If it's dialogue then our reader will assist. We will then give you some tips/feedback and ask you to perform it again. We may even ask you to do it a third time. Don't panic, we ask you to do this so we can see if you take direction. It may have been great the first time, but we want to know that you can adapt.

Then we will select a different character for you and ask you to sight read/cold read. Sometimes we ask you to do that again after more direction, but not always. 

The audition lasts around 10 minutes. Remember, the audition is our chance to get to know you, and we want to know what you can do. We want you to succeed!

What do I wear/bring with me?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Nothing that inhibits you.

Bring some water if you like, your audition form and your audition pieces

Are the auditions scary?

No. Will you get nervous? Probably. It's always nerve-wracking to walk into a new space, especially if you don't know the people on the other side! The best advice we can give is to be well prepared. Learn your lines in advance. When you get nervous, it's easy to forget things, so make sure you spend the time to really know them.

Another tip is to ensure you understand what the character is saying. Learn the pronunciation, look up the meaning. Why is the character saying that? This will make you feel more confident when auditioning.

What happens next?

We aim to cast within a week. We will email you with the results of your audition so please ensure you check the email address you have given us. If we offer you a role, you don't need to accept it. However, if you do, you must honour it and commit to the production.

Do I actually need to be at all rehearsals?

Yes! It is imperative that you are available for the full week. To stage a whole play in 5 days of rehearsals is a big task. When you are not rehearsing for your scenes with us, you will be busy with our Assistant Directors either developing your character, running lines, working on your physicality, vocal work or assisting other students. We require all actors all the time to enable the quality of our productions.


What is the cost?

$450 which includes:

  • All tuition during auditions and rehearsal (45+ hours - more than a semester of weekly lessons)

  • All character specific costumes

  • Invited guest speakers/workshop facilitators during the week

  • Individual audition time

  • Welcome lunch following read through; shared meal between shows on Saturday and Sunday

  • Four fully staged performances with professional lights/sound

  • Professional headshot in digital and printed (6×8) format

  • Digital copies of all professional production shots

Our expectations from you for auditions

  • Please learn the part you are auditioning for. It will show us you are dedicated and ready to work.

  • We will ask you to (cold) read another role, please prepare for this by reading ALL roles beforehand.

  • Do NOT try to make it perfect, we would like to work with you in the audition and we want to know what you are capable of. We are not looking for a polished performance at the audition.

  • You do not have to accept a part we offer you, but once you do, it is expected that you will commit to this project. This means prioritising and only accepting the role if you are prepared to give it 100%.

Our expectations from our cast

  • You are expected to arrive in good time for rehearsals, and respect your directors and fellow cast/crew members. Bad behaviour will not be tolerated. If you are running late you will let us know as soon as practical. All rehearsals are compulsory unless discussed prior.

  • Mobile phones are to be on silent and put away except on breaks.

  • You will learn your lines prior to rehearsals commencing, with scripts down by Day 2. It is impossible to fully engage with a character whilst holding a script.

  • You must be prepared to take risks and trust your fellow performers.

  • In order to cover the enormous cost involved with mounting a production – all cast are expected to sell at least 6 tickets to the production. If everyone does this, we can continue to keep the production fee low.

Our commitment to you

  • We know that young actors can have incredible talent and we want you to have a chance to utilise and expand on that. We are 100% committed to teach and foster your abilities, and will run our rehearsals as a professional development process.

  • We are experienced teachers as well as professional actors ourselves, and are joined by a supportive team to help bring this project together, within a nurturing and kind environment.

  • By bringing together like-minded individuals from different parts of Adelaide, we aim to foster a dynamic and supportive environment in which to develop creativity.

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