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These are suitable for children in years 2+.

We run small classes and build on the idea of respect - for oneself, each other, the space and the work we create. 

Semester One is based around skills training and actor development. Semester Two we rehearse work either individually, in pairs or groups to perform at the end of the year Showcase. Students may choose to take a Trinity College London performance exam for an additional fee.

Small tailored classes, experienced teachers, nurturing environment.



These are suitable for ages 13+

Improvisation classes are for students wishing to develop their creative and physical responses. Impro means "making it up on the spot" so we will spend the year working on different techniques to allow us to relinquish fear of the unknown. You can't get it wrong as you will always be supported and build stories from scratch. 

Improvisation is an imperative skill for all actors to master, these short form scenes can be dramatic as well as comedic, so there is no pressure to be funny or expect an immediate audience reaction. 

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