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JULY 2024 Production

Friday 12th July @ 6pm | Saturday 13th July @ 1pm & 4pm

Goodwood Theatre & Studios - 166 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood

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We are thrilled to announce our casts for our latest youth theatre production!

Harry Rings, Lord of the Potters (Juniors)

Harry Rings, wizard potter at Hogwash School, and Mojo the hoblin – a cross between a hobbit and a goblin – unite against a common enemy ('he who cannot be named but is called Fred') to prevent him from gaining knowledge of the goblet of youth. Fast and funny, this award-winning play will appeal actors and audiences alike.

July Junior cast list 2024.jpeg


A madcap dash through the comedies and tragedies written by the Bard. From (nearly) every bloody death in the Tragedies to every girl who dressed up as a boy in the Comedies, it's like watching Shakespeare's canon fired out of a cannon—scattering prose, verse and characters across the stage.

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