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"My son had a wonderful time at Actually Acting. I was a little apprehensive at first, as neither of us had been there before. But the level of enthusiasm and professionalism from the staff was exceptional.
My son can’t wait to attend next time.
The show the kids put on was fantastic, and I was really touched by the lovely community and positive energy everyone had, from the students, to the staff and the people attending to watch the shows. A real bit of magic. Thank you"

"Yet another amazing Actually Acting production. Brilliant communication to parents makes it so easy to support our kids to do their best! Alicia's thoughtful and encouraging leadership means the kids are always in a safe space."


"This was a very fun and enriching experience that I enjoyed thoroughly. It was a nice start into acting and drama and the community involved was so lovely and passionate about the show."

"As a parent I was happy that my son was in good hands and having fun. As a spectator and theatre lover, I really enjoyed all 3 April productions. All could easily be in public realms like Fringe or similar.
From my son's point of view - he had so much fun while advancing his acting / performing skill and confidence"

"Brilliant program - my daughter loved it and is keen for more"

"Communication is clear with parents and that’s really appreciated"

"That was amazing! My son really valued your supportive coaching and feedback"

"It was excellent. All the organisers were hardworking, talented, and knowledgeable. All the participants clearly enjoyed and benefited from their experience, and the performances were entertaining and of good quality"

"My son really enjoyed himself and commented a lot on the camaraderie of the cast and the support of directors.  He was a bit nervous of the talent and experience of some of the others but was constantly reassured and supported so that after a day or so he felt right at home. It was a great experience and it increased his self confidence no end"

"It was brilliant and I loved working with everyone. The entire cast and crew were lovely. I learnt so much"

"Thank you so much for your encouragement. It was a wonderful week and she got so much out of it. Not just the acting side, but hanging out with like minded people her own age. I know she's been chatting with some of the others. What an awesome group of people!It's such a wonderful community you have created.  Thank you!"

"What an outstanding showcase of young actors! An absolute joy to be part of!!"

"Thank you so much for that and all you do and did to make last week happen. As always we loved the shows and the quality is always high and most enjoyable. Well done."

"You are creating a really special community Alicia. Thank YOU! This past week is exactly what my son needed and restored him enormously." 

"Actually Acting is always a priority. You've made a space that has my daughter always planning what she's doing around it. It's pretty special ❤️"

"Thanks so much for all your hard work! The hours of dedication you give really shows and the results are brilliant. My son enjoyed being in The Spy Game and he hopes to do it again in the future."

"I want to thank you for all these incredible opportunities. I've been looking for an acting group like this for ages and I just love the environment and how passionate everyone is. Thank you so much!"

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