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Why Drama?

Why not? The old adage that Drama is just games and playing around is simply not true. The developed skills are far more reaching than most people realise. In my 15+ years of teaching, I'd estimate over 95% have no intention of becoming an actor. Most parents who enrol their children see a difference almost immediately – with higher levels of engagement, focus and pride in themselves, right from the first lesson. And this follows through into other areas of their learning and indeed their whole lives.

Benefits include:-

  • Speaking confidently

  • Respect for others and self

  • Increased ability to read (both silently and out loud)

  • Develops empathy

  • Increases awareness

  • Ability to make eye contact

  • Ability to converse with other people of different ages

  • Sense of belonging/teamwork

  • Taking responsibility for actions

  • Ability to move with confidence

  • Develops problem solving capabilities

  • Builds initiative and motivation

  • Working to deadlines

  • Developing adaptability and flexibility

  • Working under pressure

  • Healthy self image

  • Self-discipline

  • Concentration

  • Leadership skills

  • Self confidence

  • Acceptance of disappointment

  • Enjoyment!

Feel free to add to the list via the comments if I have missed anything

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Sep 18, 2022


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